The winners you find on Craigslist.

This past week was an exercise in frustration which is really just code for we we’re working in earnest on the house again. Fortunately, there is something to show for it! We now have crown moulding up around the kitchen cabinets a long with the in-cabinet lights. Rollover the picture below (and if it’s all working right!) you can see what the main corner of the kitchen looks like with the lights off and on.

It’s hard to illustrate in a snapshot but the room looks so much bigger and the ceiling so much taller with the extension of the cabinets and the finish of the moulding. I can’t wait to get the rest of it up.

Of course the problem with getting one project going is that it often begets another. You probably didn’t think I had pink cabinets before you saw them with stark white next to them but that is in fact what we have. We knew when we bought these cabinets that we would eventually have to paint them. It’s the price we paid for actual wood veneer instead of melamine. Ikea gives only so many options. But never fear! We will have white cabinets soon enough. First we’ll have to do some caulking.


As Dennis and I were discussing caulking (as ya do) I was struck with a memory of a roommate from my post college days. Tom used to give all of the new housemates (there were a lot) a tube of caulk upon their moving in. He’d leave it with a very clever note “Hey <insert name here>! I thought you’d like some caulk! Get it?!”  The winners you find on Craigslist.

Wishing you a Safe and Happy 4th Of July!



(photo credit: David Gn Photography)

Wishing you a Safe and Happy 4th Of July!

And that t-shirt.

A week or so ago the fam headed out for a Portland day. We hit the Rose festival and the Rose Garden. It was a beautiful day and night. One of the many things I love about Portland (having grown up in a “larger” city) is it feels incredible friendly most of the time but especially when the weather is amazing. Here are the shots of the Rose Garden (Rose Festival to come after I’ve edited the photos!):


It was a great day. Sunny but not too hot and everything was blooming.


This is a swath of “Lagerfeld” Roses. They are the most exotic colored rose I think I’ve ever seen. A kind of ghostly lavender.


The fragrance is amazing….just like something from Chanel.


A “Cha-Ching” Rose begging for a picture. Beautiful and I’m guessing expensive…


Just a gorgeous day.

My favorite shot?


I love them. And that t-shirt.

Is it unwise to have two cookie jars?

Sorry about my lack of posting this week! Two migraines in four days is a doosie. Definitely a problem for blogging when you can’t look at a computer. On to the time between migraines and other places you should hear about.

Community Warehouse is a non-profit that provides furniture and home goods to families in the greater Portland Area. They have several locations around town and are a great place to donate any (good condition) furniture or household goods you may have because the donations help your local community. Their mission statement:

“Our mission is to help vulnerable populations improve the quality of their lives and become self-sufficient by providing them with basic household furnishings.

The Warehouse depends on in-kind donations from individuals and businesses for inventory, so that we are reusing resources already present in the community. The ultimate goal of Community Warehouse is to provide household items to everyone in need who requests our services.”

Good peeps! They also have several retail stores that benefit the program. My favorite is the Estate Store in Tualatin. They have great deals and beautiful stuff. Plus you get to feel good about shopping! Here are some shots of the haul from my last visit:


Great chair for a total steal.


My plan is to recover it and paint the frame….it’s a long-range plan….

I love the legs. Simple but not too plain. I’ve always been a leg girl.


Also scored a trunk that is destined to be a coffee table once I’ve refinished it a bit.



The inside definitely needs to be replaced…it’s a long-range plan….

My fav item this go around is this cookie jar (and not just because it requires no work).


It’s the same one my grandmother had. Like usual I grabbed it because it was cute and nostalgia won out. It’s a pretty adorable talking point in the kitchen. The only problem is my adorable panda bear cookie jar:


They are on opposite sides of the kitchen. Is it unwise to have two cookie jars?

It’s new life requires some respect…for a little while.

The saga of the coffee table has finally ended. Saga, you say? Yes. It’s been through 3 incarnations to get to its final state all down to my indecision. Actually the whole thing is part of my desire to finish things instead of getting bogged down by “…hey wouldn’t that be better if?” I have lot’s of friends who are completers. They like things done. I’m hoping to catch this very soon.

This table was originally going to be white and then it was going to be stenciled but now it is finally finished!


As you saw in the last coffe table post I opted for a Dutch Oil finish. Dutch oil is easy to apply with just a cloth and not as toxic as my other options. It also allows he natural color of the wood to come through. This was the point that I tried stenciling. It just wouldn’t work (and I got too frustrated for photos). The stain wouldn’t stay put and blurred whether I used a brush or roller. Stippled or rolled smoothly it just kept bleeding. I will need to do more research if I’m going to try that again. So I scrapped that plan and stripped it back to natural. But the table looked too dull just as it was. I grabbed the Espresso stain Dennis had from a custom job a while ago and went to town on the edges.


I love the final product. It fits in nicely in our living room as an interesting addition without drawing more attention than a coffee table should. I’d like to say that people can put their feet up on it too but I think it’s new life requires some respect…for a little while.